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this hour lasts forever

straight on shadowed secrets
i hear you scream
with visions of lusting boys,
wide eyes touching every inch
   of your body
penetrating your eyes
cold dead fingers
groping through your pockets
slender hands, grasping at what
was once promised to me
it occurs to me again
forever is never forever
and always will always be a lie
and such an irony i now see
when human lips form the word "love"
and now you want me to have what's stolen
you want me to join the multitude
and in a very calm way
i'd rather swallow
  thirty two sleeping pills

14 Oct 02

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damn..this is amazing...

that isn't even a suitable word...in fact, no word i can think of captures this the way i want it to
 — unknown

Yeah. this is good, but not GREAT...it needs more...
 — Moose

this is damn decent poetry. it is bitter in just the way I like.
 — rafter

I have a friend exactly in this place.
 — unknown

I'm in the Good group. This was so different and the ending is a surprise.
 — Isabelle5

i love the last stanza. definitely the last two lines.
 — shakeit

 — unknown