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Winter is a short walk away

bitter, crisp chilled air
visible breath
Winters kiss approaching
bringing a freezing death
Naked bare trees
dried leaves
fallen and falling
ground bound
All people bundled
layers upon layers
gathering, huddled
behind four walls
all technologically sound
comfortable, naked
while hot air blows
the outside though
still bitter and lonely
and empty, no company
the outlining area, scarce
And as far as I can see
I can not
there is nothing
but lit houses
little oasis'
shelters from the bitter cold
the lonely wasteland
a defense from low temperatures
but yet some are not protected
Little kids effected
winter seeps in through
making it past affordable windows
so it is not a priority
insuring comfort ability for all
instead many fall short
to defend against the winter
left unprepared for the snow

24 Nov 14

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