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Lover Boy

Lover boy
emotional incompetence
isolated amor
Behind the curtains
hidden and shrouded as he wants it to be
forgotten or never known
as he smokes his last
As the rains pours down
over his head
Like Niagara falling, roaring upon him
sheltered by the awning  
He contemplates
all he has ever thought
and all he is yet to think
as time continues
I told him
let go, let it all fall
wash away, to be lost in the storm
funneled into the crowded drain
And run
out of the secluded shelter
naked into the rain
ignoring the shame of society
And the internal pain
Only then can he ever know
How much it is really worth
as he spectates the brutality of earth
And the miracle of nature
After further contemplation
He ran
So fast
seconds after he was lost to my vision
And a grin appeared on my face

6 Jan 15

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I hope he will be happy on day
 — unknown