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Winter has Waged War

A second snow storm brewing
matching the intensity of the
the one outside
However this one stays within the confides of our arms
limited to the surface of our skin
building up and spreading
It slowly encompasses all we have to offer
As I get lost in this blizzard
The storm decreases the temperature outside
Further more eliminating the humidity in the air
I cry, but can not produce tears
for I no longer have water in my eyes
Almost like a dead snowman, I stand melancholy and dry
As I begin to notice a loss of feeling
in my fingertips, slowly spreading down my hands
A gust of wind blows me down
As nature scores a strike
Victory might be owned by winter on this frightful day
But I know a truth that seems never to decay
That my chances are greater to withstand such a formidable foe
For I live all twelve months a year he only lives for four
I will not let you kill me, I shall put up a fight
I ran to shelter and blasted heat
as I saw the cold wind die
I launched the missiles and hoped to God
He would give me his divine right
and with his blessing survive the stride
successfully throughout the night
But my fingers blue, and insides grey
I see that Ive been beat
the old wind says that the new one will be worse
As the new one comes, fulfilling the old ones wise and stupid curse
All we do is bundle up in an attempt to hide away
sheltered from this weather, So then indoors is where we stay

8 Jan 15

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You will get your chance at
blueballin' the snow with grey clouds

Gusts of resin keep
mountains groomed,
Legs take your side ol' windy.
 — 13fatstacks