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Love, Loss and Fingertips of Frozen Joy

This is the first sunset after we buried you
and I am not ready to leave
this lovely place.
You chose me and your father,
made us wait nine months
and then you stayed just long enough
to turn a breathtaking shade of blue.
Was that enough karmic connection
or did you change your mind,
bored already of lessons you came to learn?
You grew pale and cold in my arms,
a frozen sculpture of a newborn,
despite warm gowns and
handmade blankets woven
with such hope.
What did you hope,
waiting in your spirit form
for this life to begin?
The sun has gone down.
Hands are reaching out to me,
making me stand, leading me away.
How can I go, knowing this is
the biggest day of your life,
the biggest day of mine?

Written for the women I know who have lost their babies, whether at birth or shortly after.  Too many...

4 Feb 15

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