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A terrifing perception of a logical feeling

in site or out of it
It doesn't matter
One thought
can take up all space
apparently, when you feel
you don't stop
you never stop
like a river emptying itself
down unto a body of oceanic liquid
submerged unseen but never forgotten
never realized, until the ignorance is accepted
however, when that occurs
all hope to lose it is gone
It will eat you
consuming every inch of your body
disguised as nervous bumps
leaving only one goal, to forget
but it can not be forgotten
for it is not a memory, but a part of self
It is as real as the blood pumping through your veins
as real as the skin wrapped around the body
And as relevant as the earth rotating the sun
For that thought is life
your life
what is perceived and what is not
is all that is
and that is your reality
As I write this, my own thought comes back to me
I try to avoid it  
but, It follows me, like a shrouded figure through the streets
I pick up pace, but suddenly it is directly behind
Like my shadow
it continues on
until it becomes a part of me again
And I accept it
Allowing it to overflow my body
consuming everything I am
And bit by bit, I break
but am still in one piece
vibrations begin to multiply
as if an earthquake began in the center of my soul
Spreading into the crevices of my skin
Finally, not leading to an internal explosion
but to be released through the tips of my fingers
So the girl who does not know
can finally know
And I can at last be whole
As I see her there standing by the corridor
holding a sign that's seems to have been ignored
I approach slowly, still skeptic
Still afraid, terrified, I walk towards her
And by my last step, I know I am no longer lost
But the fear does not stray,
And I wouldn't want it any other way

9 Feb 15

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