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the darkness follows,
as I pick up pace
It keeps it
always behind
I see no hope
for as I turn, it creeps closer
and closer, until the lights go out
and now i am immersed in a world
with nothing
my eyes cant process what is  
in the absence of light
But now I see the darkness that once stalked me like prey
The blanket of fear and hesitation has lifted
and what is left is simply unknown
However the feeling of longing has caused a decay
in the way, I see, for I can not
Two claps and all is back, where it was
And now i know a truth
that once avoided me
Life is not a path to stroll down
nor one to run through
but instead you must make your own
and as you pave the road
the lights may go, but you shall remain

11 Mar 15

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