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nth-fold breath
at reverse
affixes, hallucinating
screen talking beds
inside silences; hammers
imprisonment warrants
screaming warring; and
end roses
i hear myself, combative-candi[e]d
no escape to hours
pretending to be; not;
blind-deaf-mute; you
human, you name you are,
this is me, i permeate you
reciprocity is dispute — a universe connives
this is the case,
birth's i view

#nofalseundertone #justtwocrazies #redundant #plagiarizedhismind #reciprocity #underground #<3U2fract
#fcInHiding #saveyourself

thanks for the incessant lovin', baby. sorry to have this under unknown. :*

22 Mar 15

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poem anniv.
 — unknown

not the same space as when it first showed up. hardly anyone could read this then, but at least they bothered. now, they just look for hallmark.
 — cadmium

oh, thank you.

and, who might you be?
 — fractalcore

your gf, of course
 — unknown

yo mamma.
 — cadmium

I'm lovin it!
 — aforbing