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All the people talk
they never say a word
All the people Try
But they always make it worse
The streets are always crowded
And people are everywhere
But the multitude of people
Does not change the way I am
I always am I alone, no one by my side
even though I stand in the crowded room
I stand silently, as every body talks
And I feel sweat running down my back
How will we complete, the journey yet to come
With Billions of people needing all the funds
While all the water goes, down the throats of all
and all the oil too is depleted by the car
And all these many people
their solutions never solve
Any real problem
that has ever come above
As we keep down the same ol path
Round and round we go
as the old men forget to laugh
And the young forgets their foe
While the fire continues to consume
and the water is depleted
we, up on our feet,
Dancing in circles
In response to our defeat

15 Apr 15

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Necessity is the mother of invention and when the time comes there will be a solution though many might not like what it is.

Larry sage and bunions Lark
 — larrylark