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I though I was a safe or privileged
hostage of your retina.
But there was trouble once
you exchanged your nerdy glasses
for a pair of bargain contacts.
these days  you've lost your focus
and all that arouses you are girls
flimsy, transparent and
the kind I need to be
just to remain a witness to
your world.

10 May 15

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laughing that you made the title out of tits, pretending they're glasses. very sophisticated and knowing -- lots of actually looking around in the world, lots of understanding. not just resentful jerkings you could only say to him when he's not there.

the only way to deal with the fukker is to write it out so hard that you remember why you need him in the first place. what you actually need is to learn how to be a writer very well, and write novels and buy guys like him for the price of a dinner. that's what he'd do.
 — cadmium

I can no longer be witness to a breast without a nip. Please remove the right one. :-)

Cute poem
 — PollyReg

I wish written by my woman to outsmart pigs.
 — xyzab

 — bowiegirl

 — unknown

pearl vision
 — unknown

pure  l  visine
 — unknown

 — unknown

 — unknown

 — unknown

 — unknown