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Sink, vase, garbage disposal

I bring you fresh flowers
right out of our garden,
supply scissors and ribbon,
cut glass. Shall we
give them a rinse, add
some baby’s breath maybe?
No, please not the switch,
aren't we better than that.

13 May 15

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Dark done bright. I like it. |7 is difficult to crack with the word switch. Kindly enlighten.
Thank you for the post.
 — xyzab

You got me at |6. Forgot to mention above. Well done, poet!
 — xyzab

got me with line 26
 — cadmium

wait what?
 — bowiegirl

thanks for the q and a. the switch is the garbage disposal being turned on.
 — NicMichaels

Oh really? I thought the switch was like a gay vers...
 — unknown