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the shine that crowns
reflects its queen-
sized olive slime
shed from the roots
tangy in brine
pores open wide-
mouthed fit for a king

*soothing [the] divine masculine energy

17 May 15

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ah, this met expectations -- it's rich and cream-filled writing about 'oil' and that's what it should be  -- it's oily writing, thick and viscous and that's kind of like poetry and maybe it is poetry.
 — cadmium

 — unknown

 — unknown

There's literally nothing to even critique here. Minimalism is one thing, and I'm all for simplicity and being concise, but there's nothing to glean from this at all.
 — Inuki

this one got deleted down -- the author maybe started conceptualizing the content and reduced it? or, maybe, to get down to it, 'refined it'?

 — cadmium

The post needed a breather. Pardon for its temporary invisibility. I appreciate your feedback.
 — unknown

humm... i've forgotten the first post. is this identical? it doesn't seem to be...
 — cadmium