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you and me, orange

it's enough to have eyes for a tart
dangling over a leaf bucket at the edge of the bush;
your fluorescent hunting toque
melting against your face as you sink into
her magma twat,
but you mutter bundles of apologies
before the dying bulbs of sunset
and condense into a brittle, sugary mess.
you've been simmering over confessions
for days waiting for something faint and sweet,
but I'm in the habit of spending my time apart
from you; the sweat of the Bunghole
all sticky in my navel.
smoke curls around maples in front of the fire.
I tell you, a stiff man is as good as strong scotch
but you've hardly earned the bulge
beneath your brass-eagle buckle.
if squeezing the pulp of the matter,
I swam the Thames with a chap whose pants
were plump with rockets
and he ate me out under the table
at the Waltzing Weasel where I sipped ginger beer
and dined on a Branston pig sandwich.

18 May 15

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Oh, this is so angry and vicious and perfect!  So much rage but so carefully and poetically controlled, at least right here, for now.
 — Isabelle5

turns pretty talking in the middle. this is the kind of writing-what-i-was-afraid-to-say-in-person that is marketed as poetry in the academic world, but which actually in the real 'life's a fuck' world of women on the street just not strong enough to really shred the fucker. this one's almost so gossipy it's like the author was trying to find something to write about to go with the rest of the writing. it's got strong moves but no real focus. it's always got to be about you and the wrong choice you made. blame, and then pointing to mr. perfect as though that proved you're correct about this one, is just drunk tavern while you check out the guys.
 — cadmium

Have you met Jenn, Mike?  I think she's got the courage and verbal skills to do this skinning of the prey anywhere she wanted to.
 — Isabelle5

this is jen -- not jenn. jen and i have talked for years. she's usually on top of things and this piece is probably too strong a shot-gun reaction.

thanks for sharing, isabelle. glad the piece wasn't too long for you to read.
 — cadmium

i'm not sure which one is better, idiot or orange. you have an unforgettable voice. bravo squared
 — anastasiya

Ah! Jen.  I believe you have scorched my face with this!  In a good way that is.
 — PaulS

female anger. Cool it. Think  of the marsh marigolds. The kind of thing  you need
 — unknown

No shot gun reaction here, Dad. But if that's what you get from it then I think that's pretty awesome! There is no feeling here, that's just how good I am, lol.

Hi Paul! Thanks to you and Isabelle and Anastasia for reading, it's fun. :)
 — jenakajoffer