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you picked every pocket i could have put you in

it comes with hindsight    rocky eyes    
an avalanche of quiet
much of nothing now    
though i love you     and i hate you
it's what i say to the vent    to the tub      
slamming lights
that i could be barbaric      
and pillage your apology      
give it fire     look down on you  
as you fix your mouth    
rip the way you say anything     anything at all            
not knowing your voice is a prison    
a yard with stripes          
i keep out    do not ask for a trial    
the size of eternity is yours
visitations to my heart  are over
the walls came back to get me    
deadbolts     more reliable than you

30 May 15

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Nice poem, nice toboggan ride in the emotions. The splits work as  mind-break on me, the way emotions splits the mind when I'm rational and just spreading into some cheap-bent world of cheat.

in a way, I feel this kind of writing as wave after wave pushing into tsunami.      
 — cadmium

 — cadmium

very bad poetry.  not!
 — JKWeb

I love this so much i hate it

With love,

 — unknown

thanks, A+ poets

^and you, well... i wish i could do that violin emoticon.. let's see if it works here
 — mandolyn

 — mandolyn

You didn't check my fanny pack
 — unknown

people waste you, m. -- they're worthless except as love handles.
 — cadmium

it's ok. i'm a fan of wastelands.
and death has a pulse.
 — mandolyn

yeah, it does seem to work when you write in it. watch out for herpes.
 — cadmium

I love this poem! So good.
 — vida

Well done here. Your voice is a prison yard - one of my favorite lines today.
 — akiikii

wow, thanks
 — mandolyn

why all the gaps in the sentences, intended or error
 — Rossant

Cripes, Don't you know that the gaps are punctuation -- grammatical?  
 — cadmium

intended. i am enjoying this type of format. it is punctuation- pauses
when read out loud it sounds better, so they tell me
 — mandolyn

How many hearts can I give this ??
 — unknown

3, plus tax.
 — unknown

 — ARedLetter

Lol @ Rossant.

I mean...he's trolling...on a Mandy poem.....right?........rrrrrright?.....sigh....

Returning to this...I'm a little iffy on the last two lines, but whatevs, still great.
 — unknown

This is freaking awesome writing mandee!
I am loving this poem as I sip my glass of wine and eyeball a fruit fly swimming at the bottom.

 — jenakajoffer

You shouldn't deny a trial.
 — percocet

You should deny prescriptions.
 — unknown

Very nice.  Favorite lines: "as you fix your mouth"  "your voice is a prison/a yard with stripes" and "deadbolts   more reliable than you"
 — taracee

really good, Mandy. Especially liked closing lines
 — sixtywatt