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losers' faces be like
our favourite emoticon:
use of slang
interwebs lingo
it's complicated
like cheat
kind of virtual relationship
AFK status
skype vomits
efff' zzzzzz'
your iloquence

<3 u af

31 May 15

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i really liked a lot of this, good style and a great idea I hope you can develop further. i wonder about the title though.
 — bowiegirl

this made my bowels move.
like a brown note.
 — unknown

'auto-corrects like cheat' is pretty good. your kind of virtual relationship

i i-loquence is pretty strong too

losers' faces be like -- is a cool grammar move.

nicely written
 — cadmium

yeah, probably a better title, one that matches the content. it's not as tactile -- though i like the thought seeing your first title, 'stooping down to poetry', as stooping down into writing to get writing as what it actually is.
 — cadmium