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my you

i’m midsummer night dreaming about you
(midsummer night obsessing over you)
about your hands
your candlestick fingers with callouses of melted wax
and your cobweb hair that clouds my brain
your broken window eyes that blink shards of glass down
your raw to the bone cheeks
i painted you as a god
tall and radiant and shimmering with a cloak of
otherworldly light
i made you bathe in the very sun itself
and drowned you in my own sick perfect image of you
i see now that you do not bathe in the sun,
you eat it whole
until its blood runs over your fingers
(melts your candlestick fingers)
you make my days Romantic
like i’m drowning in my thoughts and tears
just a raw skeleton open to your teeth
i’m not crying over you
i’m not
i’m midsummer night dreaming
and sometimes midsummer nights have rainstorms
that’s all

2 Jun 15

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