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A Study in the Salinity of Tears

Pushed, pulled, the ducts overflown burst as an unshored dam.
Now one can chart the course of a tear,
More to flesh, scoring a demarcation along one cheek,
Perhaps an invitation for the sake of balance to the other,
They course down the facial wadi, a veritable flood zone in a desert
Ingeniously flood-gated by valves to the heart,
Perhaps the unmeasurable soul spitting out precious fluids,  precursors of alchemy…
Fluids never spilt, never wasted.
Hold Off –so much for prophylactic documentation,
A full accounting, self analysis,
A sunlit back-lit droplet, so precious a gem sight,
Or rainy-day suffusion tinting all life’s surfaces.
How can I measure your tears –like so many downed pints at the corner pub,
A dunking dispensary of purification processes
Outing private ducts trying to scriven out a bare
Refracturization, drams, what have you, avoirdupois?
FinallyI cannot measure your tears,
I can only feel their plash on my skin to make the connection...
So life’s tears do weary one.
I can only begin tell you what or why you shed.    
                                     Robert LaGamba, June 2015

Thanks for the prescient comments.  I've begun to make the suggested change.

24 Jun 15

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I think a last line of "I cannot tell you what you shed" is a smoother out. Some really wonderful phrases and ideas here, but overall, the theme lacks for me.
 — unknown

This seems more a scientific list than a poem.  It doesn't move me at all, only that little line at the bottom, under your name.

There is no emotion, nothing to show us why tears were necessary.
 — Isabelle5

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