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12 Jul 15

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 — mandolyn

🌻🌷🌼 ο‚ ο€±
ο‚ ο‚ ο‚ ο‚ πŸ½
 — unknown

i wish i could tell you, and be heard, about why i enjoy this so much as poetry. it really made me smile. in several ways. so cute. i also wish that someone didn't rate it with a one.
 — unknown

of all the poems i've written ( i describe this as visual poetry), this is the most earnest critique i've received. heartfelt thanks to you. words don't come easy in my current circumstance. i just love somebody too much. this is being coy and playful. ^

thanks, as well, to the rest.
 — unknown

what a load of shit
 — unknown

we are ALL a load of shit
 — unknown

some more than others
 — unknown

koo koo kee choo
 — unknown

 — squid

let's have a working  poetry site other than this
 — unknown

how about you go shit your pants and then show it to your mother.
 — unknown

this is being crap and shitful
 — unknown

I like the way you should us you have no talent
 — unknown

 — unknown

dont you normally haha in caps?

 — unknown

I like the way you should us?

What does that mean?
 — unknown

that last line is most enjoying its popularity every bump
 — unknown

the poem reads one becomes two perhaps if working on the hormones
 — unknown

another great. i would use more ghosts tho. *7*
 — bowiegirl

how about this?
 — unknown

Too much emoj.

Emoj od.

Still cute though.
 — Known