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Interior Structures

If these walls could talk
if these floor boards could bemoan
if these doors could open and close
beginnings and ends
if these windows could keep vigil
of the darkest nights
that gaze out into forever.
If all these various kitchen appliances
could account for this
insatiable midnight hunger;
the razor edged blades of
a blender;
the invisible rays of
a microwave;
the wide open mouth
of a refrigerator,
florescent filled cold dead
and preserved with beckoning,
not unlike that old oven
with gas bundled tight
at my heart
ready to implode.
These worlds inside walls
of all the unseen
hands touching switches
on and off like a tease
and feet,
their countless conversations
digging heels into carpet
threadbare reminiscing
the insipid, the profound
a home for private
silently resound
and sheltered from
the glaring veracity
of statistics,
the censused,

14 Jul 15

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