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I’m standing again on the gravel pathways
Along the steel lines of the track
Underneath a pink masterpiece sky
Listening closely to the calming peace
Of a carefully selected album
Alone in the mood of a thousand days
Acquired to live this chosen way
I am my own man built to survive
And this is the way I told you it would be
So don’t look at me with those damning eyes
And expect me to shed a compassionate tear
When the future is taking hold just like it was told
With steel skin and adverse ways
Step aside or be stepped upon
With a soul so sweet you should leave before
The mirrors shatter completely
And I am staring so blankly at your expectant face
I may not be happy but at least I don’t care

17 Jun 04

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This is much more beautiful than most dispair can reclaim. Sometimes poems this short are not complete and finished. This however seems complete in all senses.
 — pennylane

thank you very much pennylane im glad you liked it
 — Brandxxx

i liked this one, it seems cold, but i enjoyed this
 — Drastic

Well thanks for the comments Drastic.
 — Brandxxx