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confess the corn

habituated to the vast
every experience is free
like how i don’t like referring to dad in the past tense
like how i’d like to molt seasonally
like how i threw the patron bottle so i had to go home
call it a zest for life
like how i could be cheek deep in sweet and still scream love me more
like how sometimes shelter only costs $3 and you get a free beer
like how the piano means something, the opiate means something
it doesn’t matter what you call it
it doesn’t matter what it means
like how it’s not that i’m better than you
it’s that you’re worse than me
or like how i’m worse than you
like how she likes a hodge podge of brand names
so you know money’s spent not saved
but we’re not drama
we don’t promise
to kill ourselves all at once
like how i was so happy when he stole $600 dollars from me
because i’d never again get sucker punched
like how we drank whiskey before the distillery tour
call it a vision quest
there is no reason to liken your situation to mine
just tendency

28 Aug 15

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