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Sit Down, Tell me your Story

Black Sabbath. third day of mourning
and will you people please
stop blowing yourselves up for a few minutes
so we can ask what it is you want us to know?
Do you want us to convert,
wear bomb vests like you
or should we hide in plain sight,
taking advantage of the very things
you say you hate enough to die for -
money, ego, nice cars, education?
What of the women in your group -
surely they have no hope of gaining
70 young virgins upon their deaths.
You beckon with hate,
are you surprised to find
rage is our response?
A manifesto would be a good first step
to communication - what do you have
to offer the hungry and despondent,
do you have a solution for world peace?
Will you build schools and foster
creativity and thought or rule
with the proverbial iron fist,
destroying anyone who dares think
out of your smug little box?
If not, you are just a part of the problem,
a gang whose graffiti is written in blood and guts
instead of spray paint.
What did Mohammad really say, did you read
his entire manuscript or just the parts
that give you license to kill?
Even Christians have done that
with their Bibles, it's nothing new
but your own imam khatib might tell you
to put down your weapons, bow your head
toward Mecca and read that book again
before you strap on your vest and
shoulder your gun
because the world is coming for you
and Brother, there are no virgins waiting
on the other side.

19 Nov 15

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To the point, finally.  Sick of banal excuses about what's going on in the world.  
 — unknown

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