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soak your oats, my lowly
ever slowly as I dream;
skinammon and sucre
and a curse of eggy cream.
a touch of toad flax
for your choler and a scream;
truffle smudge, medieval nudge,
a bomb-bellied scheme.
witch's niche, circus geek
a plot of blood and blowth;
save your prayers for chicken beaks
you horrorific oaf.

10 Jan 16

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Smells like Raskol but who knows anymore?  Love it!
 — Isabelle5

I was still unk for editing.  it is I. :)
 — jenakajoffer

Himey the rhymy!

Don Adams, 99 in tow
 — unknown

S3 is a little cringey jen...why are you placing here? Let the images derive location? the first two rock...I'm also not a fan of the title, but I can deal ;) not your best.
 — Known

99 luftballons? :)

Hi Known, yeah you're spot on about 3, it was choppier than a sea hag during an emotional storm. Been playing around with it. Not my best is an accurate response.  giving in to the mind's addiction means putting off important duties.  Like my muse slips me a ruffie and I wake up date-raped.
 — jenakajoffer

The title was a combination of a dedication; fat cunt is a dear friend of mine. Do you prefer it this way? And why, if so?
 — jenakajoffer

Yup, better for me...still not your style but do whatcha gotta do
 — Known

  I have more than one style, known. Maybe you don't like this style, and that's cool. It's not my fave but I do enjoy it sometimes. Thanks for returning.
 — jenakajoffer

Good know! I'll keep an eye out for them and collect em all!!
 — Known

oats, skinammon, eggy cream, flax...truffles?!

And I even like the rhyme.
 — PaleHorse

not bad. but, childish and not child like. bruges, of the title,  is going to force too many deep and historical images on the traveller to accepthe 'my little gothic'.

I could see writing this for someone, though  . my child, maybe,  and doing about twenty of these,  getting a good illustrator and publishing a kids book. adults buy kids books.

too much here to just say nice things and go back to pizza.
 — cadmium

Thanks mike...I have written other fairytale type childish things, which satisfy my inner child I suppose, and yes, wouldn't it be a frightful book for my grandkids one day. My daughter's an artist, she could illustrate. Imagine manga ogres and witches. Tokyo Ghoul meets Puss in Boots :)

I wrote it for Rask.
He's always been an inspiration to me.
 — jenakajoffer

Oh and I agree with you about the title. It's not playful enough and I'm sure it's misleading.
 — jenakajoffer

for rask. well, that's dress up as poet so i understand. by, the way I did an entire cats book for my ex, but she's a critical reader so was able to get beyond cuteness. she liked it.  
 — cadmium

Hi Z, you know I can't think of you and NOT see persimmons. And pheasant.
Thank you so much for dripping. By and by, we still meet in the pantry. :)
I have words, wanna play?
 — jenakajoffer

Yes, please.
 — PaleHorse

i wrote you, sent it, but you're address is retired.  send me new :)
 — jenakajoffer