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le panetière

restless souls
stare in to cold boxes
their boredom
in mindless
i stare
into the pantry
to slake my need
for utility.
for there
under hard cheese,
aside muslin
sacked beans,
on top
of ginger root,
next to a box
of sugar cubes,
are the victuals
of prurience
and i have been
too long.

14 Jan 16

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this is the bread i'm talking about. you and your bloody crusts still make my hair curl.  

you had me at hard cheese but sacked beans and sugar cubes are lusciously lascivious.

i have this nagging suggestion of adding your footnote to your poem-- 'far too long', to extend the stress of the thought, but i am unworthy of proper critique these days.

this is everything i long for you to be.  your poetry is a friend i would like to take to a wine and cheese party. :)
 — jenakajoffer

oh. AND THE TITLE is awesome.  I love it!
 — jenakajoffer

I could ditch the footnote,  it's really just a call to you. I'm eager to get back into writing.
 — PaleHorse

To me? aw that's nice. :)
I left you a message in Bruges but I don't know if you're going back, so, email me? I have a thing for you but the address I have isn't working.

What do you think of "far too long"?

I made tagine for the first time today and my God it's a crockpot of poetry. Flavours, colours, spicy aromas, I probably have to write about it. :)
 — jenakajoffer