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Winter Meals

lazy comes as often as longing
when considering your company.
until the ground can be worked
I'll mull over sardines in mustard
washed down with a noggin of gin.
I can romanticize the mundane;
cut my lunch up the belly like a boat
and sail my heart to you,
purse my glazed mouth-curl on the tip
of your lonely nights, sautée your lips
in peach flame.  
the stiff drink of winter buries my wish
to kiss the warmer months
when we guddle supper from the brook--
for now it serves as mouthwash
at the bottom of January
as I await your slippery metaphors.
what I'm really waiting for is a melt,
the softening of tongue or something
long buried; each other, our selves
forced into bloom under the frozen leaf pile.
I can invent romance when there isn’t any,
like, what’s for dinner tonight, you might ask?
that depends, I'd say.
If a certain muse arrives, it’ll be you,
sprinkled with chives and dried roses
as my claque of rembrandts clink to our
savoury emergence--
otherwise I'm serving my heart on four inches
of ice, with no dessert except the sweet noodling
of my dying devotion.

25 Jan 16

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 — Known

lol. you're such a **tard**is making me laugh, stop it :)
 — jenakajoffer

Change your title doe. It's like an ughfest wrapped in not bacon
 — Known

YOU change it, buck. And I don't care about bacon. I prefer gnomes.
 — jenakajoffer

In sailing,  the motto is "tiller towards trouble" , but that's only if you want to play it safe. In gardening you have to stir up the dirt. Dead fish make the best compost.

And by the reading of this this piece, it looks as though your ready to harvest your  'Confit bayaldi'.

After all, root vegetables are planted after the fall.
 — PaleHorse

The first 17 words of your comment would begin a very mysterious and seductive poem. It definitely stirred me like dirt in a dead fish pile. :)

Root vegetables are my favourite! Roasted Golden beets, purple, orange and yellow carrots and parsnip! They must be roasted though. Must. Be.

Thank you for your shared thoughts. I have to look up bayaldi!
 — jenakajoffer

I had to favor this one. It's the chive and roses.
 — PaleHorse

a sublime suggestion.
and flattered by your fave.

thank you.
 — jenakajoffer

good poem
sublime titel
 — stout

hey stout! it's been such a long time. nice to see you, fella.
thanks for reading.
 — jenakajoffer

Ah my pale pony, a variation of ratatouille! Delicious indeed. You'll have to change my mind about eggplant though.
 — jenakajoffer

 — PollyReg