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sealed to a grave where your hands should be

here  i am not a soiled star    this fall from your fingertips
so sweet  between your thumbs    there is meaning  lurking
in the mud hook      wasteful of my wrists    i push us down
a slide  busy with reflection      tongue of land    let me sink
into the dimples of the sea      your grip won't notice    watch
laurels tear  against love's thread      it's been done    take notice
how i cross you    an aster with no stem    i only flake    
around the bee    your sting  inside me    blanketing the throb  
what my heart used to do      crowd the day with heat    catch woe
my verbs in mitts      a brief collection of your movement    a want
where i arrive  torched  in soft behavior    hush the devils under
your language    ask  who are they?    ask the roses  how to sail
back to the days  i didn't disappoint you      when ships roared
when the thrones in your eyes  scattered    as i knelt    like tokens
talking to the rocks    that wealthy nod  i miss      that hurtle
after every all-time low    when i hung my mouth  before you

26 Jan 16

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your grip won't notice is unpleasant to me. it's like that body part thing again.

tokens talking to the rocks is nonsense - Otherwise fairy decent read.

 — PollyReg

I dig the title. Interesting format. Very fluid piece. It left me reading it again & again. Nice!
 — unknown

i feel so sad reading this.....so poignant....i just wish i could give you a hug.....
 — unknown