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I still live beside the sea
still close enough to hear her call,
close my eyes, remember when
I thought the world a different place
the waters for as far as mind could see
still I feel her like the wind
her fingers running through my hair
feel her touch my skin
hear the snap of my sleeves
like sails in the storm
I can still hear her crying
trying to push the shore into the sea
catch me up like a kite without a string
blow me back across the years
covering up my footprints as if the days were sand
whispering the sea will once again prevail
over the craggy cliffs and ragged mountains
and in those moments
when all is wind and sea and pounding surf
feet to leave their footing,
panic pounding wildly
to share with the living
the wild winds just beyond our hearing
before I remember once again
whose is the voice and whose the words
in these waters where the blessed are unclear,
he who hears to listen or he who only hears the wind

30 Jan 16

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I've never done that before, rate the pome 10 and then stare at the comment box for so long, only to post nothing.

I was speechless is all.  I still can't push the words past the lump.

Just so...touching

thanks for sharing this beautiful poem.
 — jenakajoffer

Nice! l12 is great (my lucky number)

Its always tough to broach, but S4 could maybe be broken differently, imho.
 — sixtywatt

nice spot sixty, I wouldn't say S4 needs to break differently
but it could possibly be polished a bit...just a wee smidgen. :)
 — jenakajoffer

Thank you Jen, So glad you liked it!
 — unknown

Thanks sixtywatt, I'll take a look and see if I can make some improvements
 — unknown

Nice that you owned your poem. I really wanted to address the author personally, how close I feel to this. I spent my childhood by the sea so this really resonated with me, and my romantic dreamy side. You seem to love the sea as well, thank you for this poem.
 — jenakajoffer

Thank you Jen, Appreciate your kind remarks. You're right. I've always loved the sea. It's beautiful and terrifying, something we can understand in our own limited way but really quite beyond us at the same time.
 — HisPoem