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vessel holds,
light spills over
yonder --
no water where i am,
but content meant
'lost and found':
vessel folds,
light sails on

i still really suck at this, but what the hell...

thank you, universe!

     /   \

31 Jan 16

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hi fractalcore,

your titles are always in italics. that's a good idea and humble in a way. thus any regular readers always know they are yours and don't have to read if they don't want to?  

i have no clue why you do it...just guessing.

vessel is quite abstract and i don't get anything in the way of concrete image here.

it's like an air poem with no anchor.

water and light as a metaphor with no context if that makes sense?

i won't rate this one
 — PollyReg

lost and found is ironic.

lol. let's stick with lost...for this one
 — PollyReg

Hey fract, nice to see you :)
Nice little poem, I enjoyed the sail. Very iridescent.
 — jenakajoffer

10 always fracking
 — unknown

Welcome back frac =)
 — Known

Where's your "white" swan??
 — unknown

The title of this is quite intriguing...I must ponder & wonder longer. bbl
 — Known