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siddhartha binary lost

~ for jennakajoffer~

ever closer to an american god
i turned with a beginning to you, merged with
a jihadi slowly enveloping me, a desert
around the perimeter of this listless
freud sitting on my knee, his finger in my mouth
as i whispered sweet shimmerings
everythings, into his ear. there is nothing i cannot give you
that will take me away
that will take me away from
a lonely child that played
with what the sun gave me,
at noon my alter ego growing and gnawing
at my framework, my white nectar
and at the harvest, a monster was born
slashing the breasts of women
nuns and whores alike
a flower of a man, a priest, a scholar
a miserable cunting pimping turning poet
a painter of acrylic
and demographic pornographic
stillness, i want to taste your listlessness
your blackend scab, sore from the wars
of a thousand generals and armies, bloated on your
drifting on the paint
that covers the scars of christ, the virgin fluid
of mary, gaping;
for her american fucking god.

1 Feb 16

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Damn nice!!!
 — unknown

This reminds me of something from years ago, not a poem but a story that was never written. Then again maybe it's about bird or Germany, but who's the amerikan, that's a mystery :)
I'll have to comeback to this later, for now, very happy to see you writing and flattered for the dedication. Thank you :)
 — jenakajoffer

Some lovely turns here. A little obscene for me, but it's not for me, is it!
 — Known

This listless is a tongue twister for me. Maybe 'a listless'

11 and 12 are a lovely vision,
Line 15, sad
23, sore from war?

A highly moving, gut wrenching piece.
 — jenakajoffer