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Passion Overflow

She spins tangos on the phonograph
as I walk in the door
- undresses my day
with the apron bow
in the small of her back.
She’s been cooking again.
Recipe cards like dance floor stickers
litter the living room floor,
calescent scents of 'Beurre Noisette'
permeate the flat.
She is chasséing me to the nook.
Three kirs down, prepositions
turned to propositions
as fall provenders drown
in a copper kettle
nestled in the sink.
More talk, with less words
and she’s already
unshackled my suspenders
to my thighs.
Prater falls
at the decoction of her lips,
and stove top cocotte
warms on electric red coils
as we fall into
'Coquilles Saint-Jacques'.

...and inspired by a Jack Vettriano painting.

1 Feb 16

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I'm sure after reading this poem your subject will be back in the saddle, ponyboy.
you are ablaze of glorious words. What I love most, aside from the romantic-eroticism, is the vintage imagery-- the flat, the slacks and suspenders, aprons with the bow, haha, so much fun.
Line 10 is so sensual and mouthwatering but it's too late for a trip to the chocolatier :(

I'm going to try and find which print it was. :)
 — jenakajoffer

 — Known

Undress my day...best line ever.

this could very well be my new fantasy marriage. I think I'm going to marry this poem.

I do! :)

(Line 1 is your title, you've never done that before so I wonder if you were just posting quickly and didn't notice.)
 — jenakajoffer

 — unknown

7-Recipe cards dance like stickers
 — Known

Changed my mind. Keep it. Lol.
 — Known