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before after

Was nothing
out of non-existence
there came silence
and all the noise in the universe;
light expanding faster than itself
making time and space
for itself to be itself
the cosmos being the cosmos;
celestial size puffing out mass:
a candle standard
for imagining infinity
against some intangible nature;
a hyper-heart;
a data-bird
of catastrophe and beauty;
chemical mush; cosmic stew;
cannibal gravitational anomalies
swallowing nuclear furnaces whole
and spitting out their radioactive guts:
a graven image of sinister love like
novels smeared in history
of love of hate of life of laughter
divorced from reality where
in late, lonely hours,
we all lie awake waiting
to be stretched from the past to the future
where time isn't happening
anymore than loss or sickness
or those mass lunatic villains
sucking, sucking

5 Feb 16

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