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it's mardi gras, bill

you stagger into sambas disguised
as a harlequin orgy of wet-fisted insolence,
but you don't fool me.
look at you, soft as suckling pig
blowing bubbles on champagne sidewalks,
your balls hanging fat and waxen.
your gumdrop jumpsuit wakens my rage
and I'm the most patient saint dancing,
but your sequinned illusions don't dazzle me, bill.
you'll be shaking a new maraca after I string you up
by your bourbon-street thong,
devour your short-stack,
butter and glutton oozing out the sides
as your gumbo-stained, french lace quarter-sleeves
fuss for my glittering areoles.
your galaxy may still be my tits
but there are other stars to round out
your mouth. I'll lean above your masque trickery
and insert the beads into your bible black prison
flick the red beam like cream on cow,
one finger then another
then the schlop of wet muscle
erupting under dixie lantern glow,
the psalm of rainbows bursting
as the smash of bloodlust pancakes
into a milky pink horizon--

i'm not too full to fist, you fat motherfucker

15 Feb 16

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I hadn't even noticed
 — Known

this one made me hard and soft- slightly engorged. belly like a halo over my thingy thing thing.
 — DeformedLion

Subject matter aside,  I find myself doting on the following word combos: bible black prison; bloodlust pancakes; butter and glutton; gumdrop jumpsuit; and we-fisted insolence. They all lend to odious scene you capture all too well.
 — PaleHorse

I couldn't help it, I saw pancake bill and this shit just came flying off the French-quarter cuff. It's instinctive, momentous. sorry I'm so engorged, odious. ;)
 — jenakajoffer

There's another one coming soon, I just have to look at a few dates and make sure I have it right. I realized after writing this crap that I should be writing bill into all the holidays and observations. Can you imagine, happy thanksgiving, bill, or its Mother's Day, bill

omg I'm laughing my head off.
 — jenakajoffer

A most flamboyant event for Bill indeed, jenjen. line 6, 16, 22,23....you are a visionary.

Always pushing the envelope
or is it the scrotum?
 — unknown

Aw thanks Huey, and yeah, pushing the scrotum, like, awaaaaay. Ew right.
There are always exceptions of course.
 — jenakajoffer

excellent  poem
 — rivergood

thanks for reading me, river! ;)

bill is an ongoing enigma, i don't think he'll ever die.
 — jenakajoffer