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The Goddess of love

The Goddess of Love
The exuberant fire that burns within my soul,
In that first embrace of a lovers smile;
Shall forever be held, in equality to the power of love.
Her servant shall forever wish for her luminous, infallible, tongue.  
Which speaks of true love without a word conceived inside a lie;
For immortal shall be our love, until the end of days, to the grave.
In her face I can see God’s grace; the innocence of a babies cry.
Such trust can be forthcoming, towards this woman; this play.
This story of our lives, entwined hearts beating together;
For in her presence I find Heaven and shall be content forever.
This guiding star; the singular, most radiant concubine;
The love of a life, until the end of a destiny in the making.
Such joviality to be found, wherever she may go, in any loving line;
For this fugitive of love, shall wait forever to become her king.
She ignites an intense feeling, like a perfect literature;
Such a word of beauty does not exist,
To describe my love for her.
Her eroticism is the petroleum, tossed onto my passions fire;
For she is perfectly, but never overly, garrulous.
She could talk for England, about the condemned boy; her desire.
The one who speaks truth from the buxom and is never fatuous.
When speaking of her, for every syllable is bold and required;
For in her eyes, this ambassador of love has become enthralled.
I have fallen in love, for my soul speaks from the heart, undying;
Eternally worshipping this idol.  This Goddess of forever more.
A forever love or just a target for a cursed tongue?  Who knows?
Nevermore a word of harm, spoken to the exotic Queen of future.
For I am her ardent follower, into the abyss of the blackest hole;
An uncertain, unattained as of yet, unknown destiny of this suitor.
For she sees my insides, for in her bed I cannot lie;
I cannot deny my adoration and fixation for her unchaste mind.
For intoxicating is her smell, her natural scent of amore, my diet.
Her lust is my need and in her soul I must become a requirement.
She has fallen from the stars and landed in my arms;
For in her I have found religion and immortality for she is genteel.
She is reminiscent of happiness obtained, she is optimism itself!
She is hope, glory, blessed, sophisticated; true to me and for real.
I can trust in her words to never bring death to my door,
For suicide is no more welcome here for I have perfection; behold!
My freethinking words, simply speak of devotion to my superior;
For her intellect shows obedience, to all Gods of love.
(C)2011 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.

22 Feb 16

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