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Once she was...

socked in fishnets, holed to the toe
as she unlicked the lid of the
  boot polish. she was
apple-boxed in shyness
walking the halls as though she just got off
a horse; a secret
sable and glik, clenched between teeth
the heat of her nerves
afraid those frazzled tights
tracing her bones
  might glow right through her skin.
and down
through teenage landscapes
of fragile thoughts and prison cloth
  the soil of my touch smothered
her troubled stubble,
rubbed her smooth with engine grease
might  as  well
she was just a boy, sweet with loneliness
riding the last bus
breath humming, broke down
sun streaming through window tops
  i hardly knew...
once i heard her cat-call, a voice hatching
like a bird in her throat
two decades eroding the orbital bone
holding a corset pose,
  hosed in rubies
how they glittered up her thighs
her eyes higher and wider
no brow bossing, bow-legged gunslinger
caught her chisel at the most aesthetic angle,
   each mushroom cup spilling
she sloped me in
pressed her hyaluronic lips into my
   surprise, she tasted of vodka and lemon
a whisper of love, tortured teased
    sweet and foul
and down
her calamitous roads, how deeply she took me
unveiling first kisses  last buses,
her nerves, her dignity
how she shouldered saddles of burdens
on the scar of her curves
how my heart raced as she released the fear
of something stirring
     between us;
a dream unsleeved, an only friend,
the socket-bruise
     of youth, how we watched it all tangle
in the starlight before it burst
   into flames.

22 Feb 16

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Breathtakingly good. Reminds me of a girl I know
 — unknown

She doesn't know if she's a boy or a girl.
 — unknown

again, someone posting something exceptional in a wash-sink.
 — sixtywatt

Stunning. You've captured her beatifically.
 — dax

Sixty watt, what do you mean by wash sink
 — unknown

wow, many thanks for the reads :) I'm still playing around with the form a little.
 — unknown

I would also like to ask sixty, what is meant by wash-sink?
 — jenakajoffer

"..Yet when I assay you, looking
for proofs, you defy my proposals
opinions and briefs.

Yes my lady, I have researched you well,
and my thesis lays beyond
the abstract horizon of your torso..."
 — unknown

Well that's mysterious....
 — jenakajoffer

somewhere where intellectual property can't be upheld, that's all
 — sixtywatt

I will de-mystify further...Wu-Tang said Protect Ya Neck
 — sixtywatt

Yeah I have no idea. Maybe we should ask Pinot ;)
 — jenakajoffer