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Chernobyl is such a pretty name for a Girl

no one has ever driven to your town.
it's not on a map, no telephones are listed
and there are no signs to tell which field
you're burning in.
tree branches would point the way,
but nothing could ever be as thin as you;
your mouth gaping open
as though you're always hungry.
the last train is a ghost in the shunt yard--
the fairgrounds, I've heard,
are deserted.
gas masks loom in the headlights
as you stand between rows of cabbage
and corpse-- your nightgown blowing around your legs
like a flag in surrender.
the moon, plump over your shoulders
illuminates a farm of matryoshka;
one mutilated birth inside another.
you step toward the road sterile as a mule,
cradling your invisible baby.
the hollow of my hand reaches out into the flame,
waiting for you to lean over--
your eyes radiating,
startled by gun-slick metal militia.
the glass shards of sunrise explode, and suddenly,
I'm an uninvited guest.

28 Feb 16

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Hey, old poem!  Good to see it again!
 — Isabelle5

So is Cher noble

Conclusion is suddenly contrived
 — unknown

Hi Isabelle, I'm glad you enjoyed the revisit. I was surprised when I realized this was 4 years old already, as it sort of shows me how long I had stopped writing-- this is the last poem i had submitted, last poem published; I'm really not interested in that anymore. Not that I should be anyway because I'm pretty sure my peak has come and gone.
 — jenakajoffer

and by peak, I mean interest. But you never know, lots of people come back to it later in life.
 — jenakajoffer

Suddenly contrived, hehe. I like your oxy moronic crit.

Thanks :)
 — jenakajoffer

kick-ass poem. . thanks for re-posting. .
 — JKWeb

Thanks James, I lost track of how many times you've asked me about this poem over the last couple years, hehe. Glad to share it again :)
 — jenakajoffer

I like the balance of the layers in the content. It feels like multitasking conversational descriptions. My only complaint would actually be its simplicity, though that sounds quite ironic considering my previous statement. Happily haunting, but not yet vicious.
 — Known

You find it simple? Interesting. Maybe you had hoped I went vicious- gore.

I'm not always a black widow you know. 😉
 — jenakajoffer

Relative newbie. First read for me. Get it but I don't, don't love it but then again... love the imagery throughout and especially the last stanza. Beautifully desolate...
 — unknown

thanks newbie, i appreciate your comments :)
hopefully shyness will lift so i can read your stuff someday.

great start though, sharing your thoughts on poems.  show your name, your honesty is valued, not feared. :)
 — jenakajoffer