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The person you knew

The person you knew
In death they have found immortality;
Endlessly youthful they shall become in your mind’s eye.
When you have aged they still shall be,
The person you knew, so young and carefree;
With the face of your child.
Time shall not age them for they are no more;
The beauty of their youth shall never be changed by this world.
Your memory of them will keep them forever young.
The person you knew; the daughter or son.
When death comes to take you from this land we live upon,
You shall be reunited with those you love;
The ones you have never forgotten.
As the life drains from you and you are motionless beneath the sun;
The person you knew will come to collect you and take you to Heaven.
They will still look like the child you lost;
The picture of a son you could never lose.
The memory of a daughter so beautiful and so soft;
The person you knew is now back here with you.
(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.

1 Mar 16

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