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The world we live on

The world we live on
The dinosaurs are dead, frozen in place;
They have gone to never be replaced.
There is a sinkhole in our planet
And it swallows all beauty within it.
What is happening to our world before our eyes?
And why are we doing nothing to stop it?
We are in the eye of the storm,
We have safety in numbers.
There is a maelstrom so powerful it is eating up the waves
And drowning all the fishes.
A great blue hole in the ocean swallows the water down a whirlpool;
Where is the ocean going?
We have harvested the world of all its goodness
And the human consumption rate is still growing.
The world is dying and we are not crying,
Because it is someone else’s problem.
We are safe in this lifetime;
But our children’s children will die,
Because they have no oxygen.
(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.

9 Mar 16

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