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Only by the Nyte

a prosey

I'm still hung-over from the night before, hung up on this sunrise thing.  the girls had me out looking for tail
but all I can think of is this boy, the cyber-christ of the internet; has this cult side and a softness like a lamb and I want to gnaw on his shanks.
I'm at The Queens, I pass for 29 (sweet), never saw so many ugly bastards in all my life. I'm getting the looks,
I love it, love smiling and looking away, sucka!
It's great to menstruate at the bar, slightly fat-ish, have this cute bloated belly that I pat now and again and the only pheromones I'm giving off are those of my gushing uterus.
I smell like sweat from the dance floor and the faint haze of puke from the bathroom stall where I was sexting him. he's not replying, he's gone to fight club, my heart sinks a bit–  people think I have commitment issues but I just have high standards; I would marry myself if I was six-foot-one.
What was I saying? Oh yeah, I smell like puke.
It's 2am, I've texted that boy a few times, I got home too late.  can still taste the scallops in wine reduction.
I brush my teeth, they are looking whiter, I run my tongue over them– I'd like to tongue him.
the malt in my blood burns like diesel; dark, caramel, the Guinness of the Nort, the Chocolatier of beer, I'm a regular Willy Wonka at the barley factory. I think of Violet Beauregard. I want blueberry pie for breakfast, I want him, I want to blow bubbles in his face.
I flick on the tube and when a movie opens with a crazed monkey stealing a gun blowing the heads off security guards, I immediately know I'm going to like it.
There's this mentally challenged fellow who loves cutting grass and being super buff.
This film is making me think of sex, it's making me think of cutting the grass; I look outside, it's nearly sunrise, the dandelions are in full tilt, I haven't mowed my lawn since I moved here, haven't mowed a lawn in my fucking life, I'm afraid of lawnmowers ever since Maximum Overdrive.
I hate cutting grass, I'm good at other man-jobs like taking out the trash and by the power of Gray-Skull I can shovel snow like He-Man; no wait,  I'm She-Ra
but if you think I'm a princess, think again.
Wait, no..I AM a princess, I'm the coolest princess ever,
think She-Ra with a hint of Anastasia, not poor Molly Flinders (she wasn't a princess but who cares she has a cool name), and not Cinderella pouring self-pity-- only thing I relate to is her slave-driven lifestyle and her tiny feet; I own that glass slipper biotch!
It's now sunrise, I go upstairs to run a bath, rinse the stink off, transform into a dirty Little Mermaid; I have that boy's picture on my i-phone and I place it on my thighs like meat between two slices of white bread; a prince has gotta eat.

11 Mar 16

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thighs are my favorite part... then the clavicle.  brisket on white bread... good lord
 — tonebone

I really enjoyed this, and not just because of the He-man/She-ra reference. The second to last stanza lost me, which must mean I missed a seminal 80s movie along the way. Overall, a great read, thanks
 — sixtywatt

if you could somehow weave a flux capacitor and Jordache jeans into this, Regan's head may explode. (the actor!)
 — sixtywatt

Stand outs for me is "It's great to menstruate at the bar"

and L11

- great character and funny poem that's enjoyable to read. I remember this one from before.
 — PollyReg

stand outs for me *are
 — PollyReg

Trying unknown function to test non-biased feedback doesn't seem to work for me. *sigh

Thanks Tonebone, I like sandwiches too.

Sixty, I'm not sure where you were lost but that's ok, this is just nuts anyway.

Polly, hi there. If I ever posted this before it was for like 5 minutes 5 years ago, lol. You're a sharp tack! Thanks for reading :)
 — jenakajoffer

I made a mistake in section 16. I had Moll Flanders and Polly Flinders mixed up and said "Molly Flinders", haha. I love both characters but I can't decide who to go with now. Maybe I should keep the mixup. Not like it matters, this was never anything serious; just a great memory and a good laugh.  
 — jenakajoffer

This is great.  It's a foregone conclusion that I'm going to like anything you write.  You are that good.
 — PaulS

Lost your muse? Yeah right.

Oh to be that handyman.
 — PaleHorse

which handyman?  the one in the sandwich?  lol
thanks pH, hope the muse's fever takes a chill-pill :)
 — jenakajoffer

Oh Paul, you are too much!! thank you so kindly, I'm really happy you enjoy my writing :)
 — jenakajoffer