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You're no Daniel Day-Lewis but at least you're Irish

First man to worship my feet
shucked sixteen pounds for a rickshaw
too drunk to walk on Magner's.
You carried me to the fair, three miles
of sweat, a swan with one wing,
a mansion on the bank
and two freckled eggs—
lips nuzzling the neck of a stout man
as you slumped on a bench
easing between the breasts
of a beautiful girl—
didn't you know I had a lover back home?
I fell in love with the world
and nearly for you when you tongued
the soles of my shoes, crimson red
like the first rush of blood
when I stepped off the plane, thighs
flushed with fever—
you got hard and I poked fun
as the cider bottles tipped. I wanted to
Riverdance but I was afraid I’d soil my taps
in that murky canal— will you forgive me?
O' my Guinness-lipped potato lover,
when will we return to the Mogg?
I want to drink with the trannies,
sing a night in Soho—
I want to plant your scraggy roots
in my dark earth, one more time.

17 Mar 16

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Happy St Patricks day :-)
 — PollyReg

Happy St. Paddy's Polly!
 — jenakajoffer

my work put on a lunch thing. black pudding (ick) and green trifle

I like l4-7 in this poem. I like a random fair. Cheers.
 — PollyReg

black pudding ew!

i'll take pudding in a glass though!

thanks polls, cheers!
 — jenakajoffer

I'm only 50% Irish, so can't deliberate on the lingo. But 100% sure I like it.
 — sixtywatt

Nice depiction of your thoughts on Ireland, liked the Ireland Forever tag.

I am bit confused with some of the descriptions used though. I don't know if your intent was to limit this piece to just Ireland or include England (London to be exact).

Here is why- Line about trannies and Soho - where you referring to London or the Soho Pub in Cork (the latter has no tranny population to speak of as the former does) Also- the rickshaw line feels more like London- with all the petty cabs there,
Lastly tthe name of the poem, Daniel Day Lewis does hold Irish citizenship he is an English actor born in London

I just ask because it seemed the poem was set fourth to honor Ireland, but appears to have  blended elements in common with London.

Two entirely different cultures.
 — unknown


the poem is really about a person, not a place, hence the title.

girl falls in love with an Irishman while visiting London. Girl loves Daniel day Lewis but the wee chap comes a close second; he may not have Dan's baby blue eyes or his striking poise, at least he's Irish.

I appreciate your knowledge on two of my most favourite places in the world, thanks for reading :)
 — jenakajoffer