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hiroshima woman (elvis voice)

you can make me the center of your target zone;
drop the bomb down, you can bomb on my home.
separate my shin from inside my skin...
just want some liebensraum, now, is that a sin??
I'm a hiroshima woman, i like to rock and roll...
blast your isotopic fission, umm, strip me to the bone.
well, it's shred me up,
and nuke me down.
pulverize my head
with the rest of the town.
turn me into plasma; gamma x-ray...
nuke those folks,
i didn't like them anyway.
          red cloud in the sky,
          have a hiroshima day.
and, here's some more stuff i gotta say,
in a jail house rock kind of way:
now, tojo told me, "honey,
'need more stuff in Japan!
hell with roosevelt, got to break out the ban:
           get me back to the safety of the frying pan!
             and, i really need my sumatra monkey glands..."
let's fook. everybody, let's fukushima!!
"nuclear is bad, bad yankeeees!!"
-- umm, hitler said to hiro,
"turn the bums to glue."
hiro said to tojo,
"cat, that's what you should do,
cause, that whole population of China
don't do what i say....!"
... oh, been to nanking,
watched'um chop some heads.
army boys be thrifty,
did not waste no lead.
               and, some things,
               you know they never go away:
               have a hiro, i mean a foo-koo-shima day.

17 Mar 16

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I'm gonna have to come back to this one...1-15 were stellar
 — sixtywatt

glow, little fishies, glimmer, glimmer....
 — cadmium

A good rap, looks odd on the page but would be spectacular rapped on stage.
 — Isabelle5

it's meant to be heard in elvis' voice, to the melodies of his kind of songs. songs like, blue suede shoes and jail house rock.
 — cadmium

I tried reading it in an Elvis voice and I can't hear it. My first read I pictured the speaker as a late 1970's British punk rocker chick. The first half and second half seem like two different poems maybe it's the shift in voice/accent. I like the first 15 lines better than 16-30. The last stanza is my favorite part. Is foo-koo a play on "fuck you"? I think that's brilliant.
 — bear

yeeah, you're blessed, really, to not have immediate access to an elvis sample. i had to grow up with him. you have to kind of know his songs to read the two parts -- it's like a medley, really, one song segueing into the next.

fukishima is the nuke plant that exploded in the tsunami in 2011. it's leaking radioactivity, and we're being told it's ok because there's not enough in the fish to harm us if we eat it. as if eating fish were the reason fish existed.... they're being genetically damaged.

also, and the reason the poem is bitter about japan and the war, is that we grew up being told the japanese are very conscious and careful and cognizant of the dangers of nuke and nuke technology. and, it turns out they just did the usual 'it's good enough', and now they're censoring or not funding any studies which might show harm done to the environment. it may be -- it's so strange and nothing like it's happened before -- that mutations and strange deaths of sea creatures on the west coast aren't just 'el nino'. it's not simple starvation that's killing off these animals -- they have organic deformations which are like those associated with radioactivity poisoning.

so, british rock works, if it's understood that it's a decadent cabaret piece.
 — cadmium

Thank you for the explanation. I must admit I am not a fan of Slvis. I remember now Fukushima. This is thought provoking.
 — bear

re-write on the content and rhythm. 3-21 16
 — cadmium

raw, angry and fierce! I love it!!
 — aforbing

ka blam
 — cadmium

i'm leaving this on the site, cause i'm just kind of pissed by the whole thing. fukushima is poisoning the pacific, and that's a reality that's just too bad for live and let live, if they're gonna make everyone die.
 — cadmium

one for the money, two for the show. three to get ready now glow, cat, glow... margaret duras, you got that rich girl glow from head to toe.
 — cadmium

Too smart arsed by half. Sounds like a pale imitation of "The King" or what Pat Boone would sound like dressed in an Elvis Costume bought in a second hand store.
 — unknown

that's right. it's supposed to be. but, the voice is aretha franklin.

have a nice plasma.
 — cadmium

Come off it. You sound like a pip squeak 50's echo chambered double tracked voice trying for a top popper. Neil Sedaka...much more you...Leave Aretha to the big boys
 — unknown

this piece is a joke. it's not a seriously trying to be anything but a slam on a hypocritical Japanese government and nation weeping about hiroshima while building crap nuclear reactors, and then withholding radiation leakage numbers from the press, along with withholding details of the actual extent of damage after the fukushima incident.

it's a satirical piece and nothing more.
 — cadmium

Well i would never have known reading it...maybe it has a little merit but it has no real focus and comes across as trite and pretentious but no one wins with you do they because you will probably speak the truth for once and say that was your intention anyway.
 — unknown

yes. but, the thing about satire is it's for a small audience.  this one is in American for people who grew up in a particular music.

have a snob day.
 — cadmium

ten, nine, eight...
 — cadmium

for anyone here who has a meltdown issue with me.
 — cadmium

paired with black bird in black sky. they're friendly to each other.
 — cadmium

i asked 5 people i know in town -- educated enough kinds of people, i thought, and only one could even remember having heard of 'fukushima'.
 — cadmium

shown to lion, to contrast with 'black bird'.
 — cadmium

this one must be really pissing the spam prick off. anything to get it out of sight so that the spammer's trailer-trash boob shit gets a first place gold star in the toilet licking contest.
 — cadmium