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Fairy Tale

she knew it
well before the sheets were drenched in wine,
before the photographs
with their frames and glass
were thrown with heavy might
shattering along the kitchen floor
she knew it.
long before words were spoken
and all dreams that laid dormant
were fully, and finally broken.
she knew it
before a heavy traffic accident of words
sat in a hoarse throat
and as she grabbed a coat
she left behind the dusts of doubt
that lingered like moths in the night.
she knew it
as the car pilot light shined overhead,
haloing over the thoughts
left circling and regrettably unsaid.
the mad houses overflow
and out the mouth of the dreary buildings
come the ones’ we love
the ones we allow to sit in our thoughts.
straitjackets still on
they run amuck in the streets, in the bars.
we know it.
and we say we knew it
long before excessive arguments over dinner,
before morning streaks of orange
fracture the blinds, shining shards of faint light
over two separated sleeping bodies,
before the pilot light reflects
over words spilling out our ears.
all of us.
tearing through the alleyways
with hair ablaze, and feet pounding like drums.
away we go, with love and it uncertainties.
all of us
knew it before
and know it now.
we. all. are. mad.

11 May 16

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