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it's mother's day, bill

a time for plotting revenge
or cradling phantoms;
you in my blue house dress
and that deep moaning sound
as you pulled it away--
I was slit like cyclops and its head,
smooth like an acorn;
the froth on your upper lip,
flecked with sweat as you nursed the wound
with a steel skewer.
I wept under the pink mulch,
ball of opium-- your thin kiss,
the strange colour of a rhesus monkey
screeching the maggots away
from the abscess.
I carved a hole in your chest
and stuffed with feathers
when I couldn't stand your crying--
my young breasts
without a darkened nipple,
not pulled by feeding until you latched on
like a dangling animal.
the milk-leaks still gurgle
when I hear it cry in the night,
and the white bones of blame
are still warm in their wool sweater,
but, it's time to blow
the dwindling figures away, bill,
let the wild mother lick the film
of our stinking a-hole regret;
hoist you, toss you out,
hose you down, drenched, glittering.
I'm not too sick to suckle
you soft motherfucker.

12 May 16

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While these are fun, I feel like you've strayed a long ways from your muse. I feel like you are taking poetic license to your own advantage. While such a maneuver is key for certain events or work, stagnation feels very present here in your poem. I wouldn't say it is tiring to me, but I can't help feel pulled in an odd sense of forced empathy when finding this.

I'm gonna explain in a little different language just in case: When reading your series of Bill poems I sense no threads of association to Bill or Bill's or Bill's mind. Nor do I sense your (the author's) awareness of justification for such a distance. Anyways, good to see your still writing.
 — Known

I love Bill poems. Just saying, L5 is the bridge to a kick-ass poem...maybe that's not the line. You can kick my ass later.
 — unknown

Hey known, I'm going to take your comment "while these are fun" and leave it at that.  While your comments are appreciated and probably accurate in most regard, I choose not to dissect the bill.

 — jenakajoffer

Unk, thanks, but I don't know what you mean by bridge and kick ass. :)
 — jenakajoffer

"Hose you down, drenched, glittering." is a poem all by itself.  

Thank you for your kind comments the other day.
 — Infrangible