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To The Critics

Me and Katy feel..
writing these words to please you
is not worth our time.
You make fun of the people,
who may not write very well,
and break their hearts.
All they want is to be helped
and you insult them with so much passion.
Writing makes them happy,
but in my case it makes me embaressed!;)
Katy says:
well write what you feel and if they have a problem tell them to fuck off b/c it helps you releave stress and its how you feel
There i wrote random words? Do you like it now!?

24 Jun 04

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 — unknown

what the hell is that?

if you dont want critique then why would you come to this site. Im not even going to say anything, this isnt worth anyones commenting time. this is childish and its attempts to make a point are fruitless. if it helps you relieve stress thats fine and wonderful, but dont post it here if you dont want people being critical of it.

 — ShelbyS

two words: poetry CRITICAL.
a lot of stuff here is constructive criticism, so there should be no way of interpreting it as "insult them with so much passion".

as a poem, this is not bad. typo l12 with spelling of relieve. you might also like to capitalise yours 'I's, unless youre going for that inferiority complex vibe.
 — wendz

and l10 should read embarrassed.
 — wendz

hahaha u make me laugh! a rating of 1, hmm.. poetry CRITCAL? well ... u should be critquing me on my poetry not on if it pisses you off! YOU RATE WITH THE WRONG IDEAS IN UR HEAD!~
 — unknown

This has been done before and done better. Even when it's been done better it's still been pretty dopey to post it on the site, because this is a poetry critique site. If it was done in a dadaist style, this might have some merit, but right now it's just sloppy and childish, not to mention misguided.  

I'd critique it more properly but it doesn't feel like it's worth my effort; I can't see any suggestions actually being taken on how to improve this, even if they were with regards to spelling or grammar.

Write something else and stop wasting our time.
 — unknown

if you had spelled 'critical' correctly then I might have been able to take you seriously. Also, if your first line wasnt "Katy and me feel" which is improper grammar.

 — ShelbyS

Diagnosis: You're afraid to face the fact that your poetry sucks. If enough people told you so in order for you to write this peice of shit, it must be true. Stop trying to write poetry. It's not your thing. Suggestions: They're always hiring down dark alley ways.
 — OKcomputer

i can not believe that after it was pointed out to you that the first line was bad grammar, you changed it to even worse grammar.  You are either severly stupid or fuckin' with our minds.
 — unknown

im fucking with your minds:) and i sure do love it
 — unknown

Why I hate you:

1. "Me and Katy feel.."
2. " ;) "
3. "b/c"
4. "i"
5. This poem in general
 — InMyBlood

This just completely blows...this is a disgrace to the honest poets on this site. I'm not even gonna rate this. Go live for a couple years, get fucked over by the world, learn a bit about yourself, and THEN come back and write some real poetry so we can evaulate whether you truly have merit as a poet or not, because right now, you have none.

 — unknown

People, this isnt worth your effort trashing. I'm certain that the author knows it's crap. It wouldn't surprise me if this was crap done to make fun of people for taking it too seriously, which is frankly just a jackassy thing to do. DO NOT bother wasting your time with this; you'll only encourage the author and 'Katy'.

For the author, I repeat myself: write something else and stop wasting our time.
 — unknown

>hahaha u make me laugh! a rating of 1, hmm.. poetry CRITCAL? well ... u should be critquing me on my poetry not on if it pisses you off! YOU RATE WITH THE WRONG IDEAS IN UR HEAD!~

They gave you a rating of one because the poem is crap. It is poorly written and doesn't read well at all. They aren't rating because they're annoyed at you. We've seen this kind of thing before, and much better.
 — thesilencing

:'( tear u dont like my poem. i spent hours on it
 — unknown

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