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if I was superman for a day

Clark kent- get bent, superman is a cuck
Imagine you have all the powers in the world, are quite handsome,  and you choose to dress like a twat and work in an office for most of your day

In one day as superman, I will abandon my "i have to do the right thing all the time" agenda, and murder lex luther... since the courts can't seem to do their job right.
I will save the tax payers millions, by doing this.
I will Blow into the artic ice caps.. with my cold breath to form more (if global warming exists) and if i do it too much, i will heat the ice caps up with my heat eyes so we don't get global cooling.
i would use my immense speed and power to build proper infrastructure, and roads for people to get back and forth on their journeys to work
I would catch all the terrorists whos guns would not harm me.
what i wouldn't do is pretend to be a douchey guy and hit on an average looking coworker who is at least 15 years older than me and looks it, who has no respect for me and thinks I am a douche and even pretend to be a douche for her attention and to justify her perception of me- which is  a lie, and makes me look creepy

4 Jul 16

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L5 - "whose"

This has a quirky charm. The last stanza is great.
 — PollyReg