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Certain well bred
   women experience
   men with bemusement
I have chosen to
   see this as flirtation
   not judgment
Must I represent
   my fellow men
   with honor and grace?
No- that would be a
   lie- of course- other
   men mean nothing
Standard operating
   procedures are not
This world shrinks to
   two- bound by brainless
It is by design-
   a hummingbird's
   aerial display
Or a peacock's plume
   this primal whimsy
   our splendid dance

26 Jul 16

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I question your use of Capital letters on the First of Each Line
See ... ^^^ Doesn't it look Forced?  
Fight your Microsoft Word formatting and choose your capitalization based on which words you want to POP, not just becuz your Word begins a Line.
Overall a great poem!
 — aforbing

capping the first line is a classic poetry format that's been used for centuries. it's a decoration, but so is writing a poem itself.
 — cadmium