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A Life, Not To Be Remembered

What is life?
Should I find a wife?
Go to school?
Graduate, get a job?
Is that life?
A dog
A child
A house
A white picket fence
Become one of two who joust?
Should I make a living?
Loving hate and screaming
Get a car
Fuel efficient,
my wife's smile's beaming
A mini van?
Yelled across the house
Is that really what we want?
Spoken like a timid mouse
As another child's born
Now I have a litter
Three little children
A dog, a wife, I love her
So why is it I feel like this?
No drugs, no bliss
Money troubles
Pay the bills
Buy the gifts
Take a pill
Close my eyes and feel relief
As long as there is constant grief
I drink my wine
They say it's good
A glass a day, is all I should
I suppose I binge
I drink and drink
Is it my fault?
Looking out my window
I am filled with gloom
Staring at what I have
Was my future always doomed?  
A plan drawn out?
Engraved on stoic stone
All I did was follow
Walking all alone
And then what should, just happened
I never thought it through
A proposal and a baby
Tied me down, who knew?
So what is life?
I still can not explain
But I know it can't be selfish
Love people and feel pain
I've become a martyr
I feel pity for myself
I sacrificed my own life
Look! it's sitting on the shelf
I get up and I grab it
I feel weary, my knees shake
I look around the house
And see something I can't take
I see empty, well done beds
No mini van to find
Am I all alone?
What has happened to the time?
Wasn't it just day light?
I hear a women's voice
No, it's time to eat and then for bed
And you don't have a choice
Confused, I can not take it
Struggling to be free
Got up and to the bathroom locked it behind me
But when I saw a wrinkled face
Where mine was supposed to be
All i saw was black
And I almost couldn't breath
My heartbeat wasn't silent
But it wasn't the thump to beat
A women's shriek there followed
She loudly called for me
But when the door had opened
There was nothing left to feed
My Life.
Was done and broken.
I had nothing left to need...

29 Jul 16

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 — unknown


Now you thought about this when you already have a wife, children and a dog, I thought that you should take care of them. Really, just don't focus on anything else. If I am in your shoes, I just take care of them, and forget everyone else, except where needed.

You had the same craving to reach the inner depths of life's wonder, eh? Just step right into the realm of writing and studying, and make your every poem a study of life. I don't suggest to make a hobby out of it. I suggest make writing as one of foundations on finding the ultimate knowledge on life.

That's just my opinion about this issue.
 — Qayyum

being creative is about not being satisfied with sex or security. it's to just make in your media whatever must be made and not care if people approve of you or not.
 — cadmium

this is fucking shit
 — unknown

i just want to say, it really isn't hard to write a poem that people here like, it's not, it is far harder to write one that I like... and the two are rarely the same. I am, through and through a story teller, but here, what is revered is a series of dots to be connected within the reader mind, if I connect it, I make garbage, in your eyes at least. And I write from other perspectives, so if you sit there trying to give me advice your wasting your time. I am not at this point in my life, but I fear it...
 — kripto

oh. I thought you write it from your own life.

thanks for clarifying.
 — Qayyum

Thank you Qayyum for the advice, and understanding. I guess I felt bitter about how this was received, but I should never be surprised by the reception of others, cause often there is little reason beyond pure opinion when it comes to critiques, unless it is followed by a critique and not just more opinion.
 — kripto

hmm. I think you will eventually get used to the sometimes hostile reception here. I will usually stay silent for a long amount of time before writing a response. Sometimes I cut off when discussion goes awry and off-topic.

about opinions and critiques: an advice from the days of yore: You will make people like you when you treat people the way you like yourself to be treated.
 — Qayyum

PS: I misread your statement about most critiques nothing more than opinions rather than actually 'pointing in the right direction': I can only agree to that.
 — Qayyum