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you met me at my most mediocre poetry stance

i read you in the middle of verses
of feeling the highs and lows of a hammock
a pendulum of puns and romances
meter, lyric, cadence hideous; lover-
i have swung nigh
eyes set
mountains high with an apple in your mouth
your fascination climbs higher each time
i throw back tomato lines
plant a secret garden that never stops flowering
a floral bed you want me burried
your best bloom of ode
found summit from the lesson of never picking a flower you love
the most

31 Jul 16

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I can taste this in the back of my throat.

I feel like you could be someone I know and this is about me. It's fucking amazing. I love this. Thank you.
 — dvdsxr

thank you! the amazing comment was more like it.
 — chloris

excellent poem
 — rivergood