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Everything As It Was

It's time to take the plunge, we said,
and the streets flooded with onlookers
mallards above, five irridescent necks
reaching up, sailing high
and us-- were we substance or reflection?
And when you asked, I said "fish"
as I sat on the back step spawning
my arm tucked under my elbow
the rustle of aluminum foil lining the pan
and then, your navy over-sized coat
flash of satin lining, you tell me I look beautiful
with my glasses on.
The blossoms in the yard opened wide
as I studied maps beside the flower pot—
you smiled at my heap of clothes slumped over chairs
as you sliced lemons.
We talked about meeting our unborn daughter
who's been swimming in the sea
but she's elusive
peeking out then disappearing—
she must've been that seal by the lighthouse
more playful than we imagined.
I thought the cliffs spotted with sheep
was a nice place to be
to look out at a future on a small island
to look away from a past across the ocean.
and between the mist and the kitchen
we circled each other;
not annoying like gulls but just as hungry—
dancing to the crackle of a dodgy candle
kettle-cries bubbling through raindrops.
The floor tiles broke beneath our feet
the way sea ice melts; chunks
drifting apart then jamming together
as you lifted me to your kiss; the fish in the broiler
grown cold.
all those nights we studied each other's faces
before I disappeared into the clouds
yet despite the distance
and the cruel snarl of time, we knew
even salmon can taste their way home.

4 Aug 16

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Mallards? Mallards!  how can you call me/ us Mallard/s, then ask me/us for reflection?

ohhh, so it's personal... when you say we, you mean you, and when you say they, you mean him. ..

meh... get over yourself.
 — percocet

This is masterful.
 — PaleHorse

Had I known you were in the area, I'd have poured you a drink. :)
thank you so much. Missing your words.
 — jenakajoffer