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I like'd Walt Whitman's rambling etudes,
I like'd that his insights and his lyrical pen babbled
like a brook of words that meander down the page,
while the unfettered fish of meaning
           jumped from line to line
seeking the source of their urgent drive home
When Nature has need of some expression,
sHe urges in surges throughout mankind
for a heart made ready from beating wings
dipped in 'tears and laughter,'
and when sHe finds a ready vessel,
malleable and made pure for this new expression,
sHe urges the creativity of wonder
and realized raptures into the longing-song Poem
-- the Poet is often reflected in that urge,
as the creator is always part creation,
and as all things go, all things become the Poem,
and so too is the Poet an urge of Nature
express'd in these authentic swells and surges
-- that Poet writes with 'tears and laughter'
in such a way that you, the reader, become the Poet,
and are,
      become as an expressed urge of Nature,
                                  surged in rhythms of Music
which only the heart can hear
- and that, to me,
is what makes Walt such a dear -

22 Sep 16

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