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little wings, clear as bells
under royalty spells
met the dirt
and you hurt
and i miss you.
of the unlabeled dead
there can be little said
for the hive
needs to thrive
and surpass you.
soon you’ll be decomposed
in the earth safe enclosed
and the swarm
true to form
will forget you.

26 Sep 16

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Bees are great. I love all poems about bees.

Where I work, I had a customer come in and ask (wait till you hear this) if we had any insecticide that would kill 'honeybees'...i was like, nobody in this store, or any other, is going to endorse the killing of bees, dude, and i don't even think it's legal...he was like, if you won't help me, i want to speak to the manager. the manager  came and said, "why are you even asking me this, mate?" and refused to talk to him.

some people are fully daft. we'd probably lose our jobs if we started encouraging and/or facilitating the destruction of the ecosystem, lol.

i enjoy the pleasant rhyme scheme in this. It's tidy and the first stanza is child-like sweet.  i could almost imagine it as an illustrated educational book for a child. sort of. i give you 9.
 — PollyReg